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High Security / Key Control Hardware

Change Your Locks.... It's Not Worth The Risk.
Many consumers in Business environments believe security are "electronic devices" such as alarms, cameras, and wireless remote controls. It is truly amazing that most consumers really do not know their electronic "security blanket" may be more perceived than real!

Still, it is surprising how many people feel secure with their existing key-locks. Most commonly used locking hardware offers little or no protection for the consumer against the unauthorized duplication of keys that operate those locks. Consider, there are more than 40,000 places you can get a key duplicated in the U.S.A alone! Do you want the keys to your business duplicated without your knowledge?
Ever give your keys to a parking lot attendant or valet while at that business lunch?

How about the cleaning
 or pest service... do they have keys to your building?

Have you ever fired an employee?
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